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The Louisiana History Museum houses thousands of historic photographs from Alexandria, Central Louisiana and other sections of Louisiana. Included in the LHM Photo Archives is the acclaimed Newcomb Collection of nearly 700 unique photos from the 1860s to the 1960s.

Shown below are highlights of the LHM collection, presented in chronological order over time.

Current Photograph of the Week

The 1800s

Red River Packet Company (1861)
Steamboat fleet in Red River (1864)
Bauer-Weil General Merchandise Store, Front Street (1880s)
Rapides Bank's First Location (1890)
Alexandria Railway Company Stock Certificate (1898)

The Early 1900s

Kent House (1900)
Bringhurst Syrup Mill (1900)
Steamboat Red River Docked in Alexandria (1900)
Bentley, Louisiana Railroad Station (early 1900s)
Murray Street Bridge (1901)
Murray Street Bridge Opens (1902)
City Hall -Before Bentley Hotel (July 4, 1904)
Fourth of July Celebration (July 4, 1904)
Alexandria 2nd Street Scene (1904)
National Guard on Parade (1904-08)
Red River high water in Alexandria (1905)
Red River Flood - Downtown Alexandria (1905-10)
A. Albert's News Stand (1908)
2nd Street view from Hotel Bentley Roof (1908-10)
Laying the Cornerstone of City Hall (1909)
Tremont Lumber Company Hotel (1909)
Rapides Parish Court House (1910)
Car at St. James Episcopal Church (1910)
Nick Velotta Grocery (1910-15)
Cheneyville, LA (1910-15)
Cheneyville, LA (1910-15)
Alexandria Electric Railway Company (pre-1915)
Nick Velotta Grocery Store (1915-20)

The Roaring 1920s

Courthouse & Rapides Hotel (Early 1920s)
French Unique Cleaners (1920s)
S.H. Kress, 2nd Street, inside, Christmas Season (1920s)
Old Rapides Parish Court House (1920s)
Downtown Aerial View from the Water Tower (1920-25)
Murray Street Bridge seen from top of Guaranty Bank (1923)
City Hall seen from top of Guaranty Bank (1923)
Pineville Tornado Damage (1923)
Old Rapides Jail (1923)
Downtown Alexandria Aerial View (1923)
Tornado damage at City of Alexandria Power Plant (1923)
AT&T Switchboard (1923)
Ryan Dairy Farm (1924)
Hotel Bentley in the Snow (1929)
S.H. Kress & Co. (1920s or 1930s)

Post-Depression 1930s

Fire Department Car (1930)
Railroad Crossing at Jackson Street (1930)
Alexandria City Hall in Snow (mid-late 1930s)
Steamer "Cotton Blossom" docked on Red River (1932)
Old Post Office & Federal Building (1937)
Lanier Buick-Pontiac (1938)

The World War II Era

Corner of Murray and 5th Street Looking East (1941-43)
War Relics Downtown (end of WWII)

Post-War 1950s

City Hall at Christmas (early 1950s)
Train Station Aerial View (1950s)
Albert Mansion, Bolton Avenue (1950s)
Street Scene - 4th & Murray Streets (1950s)
City Park Aerial Photo (1955)
Old Alexandria City Hall (late 1950s)

The 1960s - 1980s

3rd Street between Murray & Johnston (1961)
Berwick Drug Store, Main Street, Pineville (1967)

Murray Street Bridge - The Last Day (1984)

Other Area Scenes and Photographs

Hotel Bentley Dome & Lobby Over Time
First Automobile in Alexandria
The Great Flood on the Red River
Barron's Store - Pineville
Alexandria Fire Department - History in Pictures
Edwin LeRay, High-Wire Walker
Cotton Steamboats on the Red River
A. Albert & Son: Photographer and Stationer

Trending Today

Neon in Alexandria
Neon in Alexandria Exhibition
Courtesy of the Craig Family

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view of Murray Street and 5th Street in 1937 ... click to learn more
Murray Street, 1937
Courtesy of the Kohara Family

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Christmas at the Alexandria City Hall, early 1950s
City Hall, early 1950s
Courtesy of the Norwood Family

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Guaranty Bank and Trust Company, corner of Third and Murray Streets, Alexandria Louisiana, circa 1940s
Guaranty Bank and Trust Company,
corner of Third and Murray Streets, Alexandria Louisiana, circa 1940s

Availability of Copies

High-quality copies of archive photos or other available photos can be provided on photographic paper upon request. 8"x10" copies are available for a $15.00 donation to the Museum; 5"x7", for a $10.00 donation.

Make your check or money order payable to Louisiana History Museum, and mail to
P.O. Box 12302, Alexandria, La. 71315-2302. Add $1.00 for postage.


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